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Hello All

Post by ChrisQ » Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:03 am


Considering ive been telling people to introduce yourself thought it would be a good idea if i did it :lol:.

My name is Chris (if you hadn't of guessed that already), im 23 and im from Cornwall (Devon Sucks). Ive got a 1 year old little girl called Imogen, she's an absolute legend and i live with my partner Natalie (who fully accepts that im a fully fledged nerd). Ive been gaming since about aged 11 on Medal of Honor:Allied Assault and was part of a very well respected clan =SWE=, ive got plenty of games now and i will dabble into alot of different games but ill always be around at some point.

Basically all of this started because of myself and my dad (Scamss who will be back), we just started messing around and flying jets into eachother for fun and then decided we wanted to fail at missions (invade & annex). Not long after starting the I&A server, we had some people join us (Most of the wierdos that are still here). We havent looked back since, we have stumbled accross some great blokes and we honestly believe that the group we have got can last.

If any of you think the [CPM] are needing to do something then please talk to the admins who are Allan,Gweezer,Silos,Scamss and Me. We do take everything as an option and we do actually talk about things :lol:


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