Howdy Im TheSurvivorGuy(Howdy because American Sterotypes)

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Howdy Im TheSurvivorGuy(Howdy because American Sterotypes)

Post by TheSurvivorGuy » Mon May 29, 2017 4:26 am

Hello. My name is TheSurvivorGuy of Falcu. Im American. Let the stereotypes begin.

I'm a good medic... uh... half decent shot... working on Squad Leading Skills, can fly, and love movies to death.

Problems: I often miss. And my gun is always on FUCKING SINGLE(doesn't really happen that much during Arma missions, but everything else? The gun is ALWAYS ON GOD DAMN SINGLE. THE AMOUNT OF TIMES I'VE DIED BECAUSE I HOLD THE FIRE BUTTON, THEN REALIZE MY GUN IS ON SINGLE IS EMBARRASSING)
Artillery is the king of battle. The king, however, cannot swim. Which is why we need you guys.

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